1. Admission into one of the following graduate departments: Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Anthropology, History, Philosophy or Religious Studies.
  2. Fulfillment of all the requirements of the major department. The master's degree may be completed within two years; the doctorate normally requires three years of course work beyond the master's level.
  3. The minor consists of additional courses to be selected from Ancient Studies courses outside the student's major department. Requirements for the minor may vary from department to department; individual plans of study must be approved by the student's major adviser, the student's academic program director of graduate studies, and the Graduate School.
    1. For the M.A. degree, a minimum of 9 hours at or above the 7000 level from at least two departments outside the student’s home department. In some departments these courses may also fulfill another MA requirement.
    2. For the Ph.D. degree, a minimum of 24 hours (including the work for the M.A.) at or above the 7000 level from at least two departments outside the student's home department. These 24 hours must include at least two courses at the 8000-level or above in one or more departments outside the student’s home department.
  4. Students may apply to the Ancient Studies Committee in order to transfer credit for courses taken at another university by submitting the following information for each course: transcript showing the course, name of instructor of record, syllabus or course description including required texts & assignments; any papers and final projects.
  5. Graduate Fellows: A PhD student in an Ancient Studies department who has completed the minor at the MA level in a different Ancient Studies department will retain eligibility for GMAS support in the form of Graduate and Professional Association Travel Grants or Graduate Research Awards. Preference will normally be given to students who are still actively pursuing the minor, particularly those who have not yet received GMAS support.

Please click here for the Plan of Study for the Ancient Studies Minor.